Travel Expenses (daily allowances)

Easy to enter & quick to bill.

What we make possible? Travel can be easily recorded electronically, without the need for manual records: With our travel expense software this is now done quickly and efficiently. The travel assistant guides you step by step through the process.

What does the Travel Expense software from Coredat offer me?

We adapt our program to your individual needs and remain user-friendly. For you, this means the greatest possible flexibility. 

And why? Not only record every kilometre travelled and different types of receipts, but you can also calculate your expenses and travel allowances correctly. Use trip templates with which similar or identical trips can be transferred to the system even faster.

Your advantage? Processes are optimised, costs and administrative effort are reduced.

Can I record my travel expenses while I am on the road?

Sure. Even the Travel Expense software can be accessed on any smartphone. Your advantage? This makes it possible to enter receipts from anywhere. No more receipts are lost. 

How does the Travel Expense software work?

Step 1: Planning the trip – The request is submitted with e.g. destination, duration and estimated costs.

Step 2: Check and approval – The responsible person checks and approves the request.

Step 3: Recording receipts – It is already possible to enter receipts as soon as the trip begins. With our mobile software anytime and from anywhere.

Step 4: Accounting – After entering all relevant data, the program calculates the travel expenses.

Step 5: Approval – The travel expenses are submitted and wait for approval after automatic notification.

Step 6: Payment and reporting – The entire process can be traced in various reports and transferred directly to payroll accounting.


Why does our Travel Expense software suit you?

  • Because the transparent processing of travel costs is easy.
  • Because automated workflows guarantee time-saving, structured and cost-reducing processes.
  • Because the transfer to other departments (e.g. accounting, time recording, payroll accounting) is possible without problems.
  • Because manually managed travel expense accounts are prone to errors for legal and tax requirements.
  • Because you have the choice of many predefined evaluations.
  • Because we create your individually designed reports together with you.

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