Electronic Payslip

Prevents paperwork & losses.

No paper chaos, no postal shipping. Instead: The digital pay slip that gives your employees easy and secure access.

What does the Electronic Payslip from Coredat offer me?

We support you in the provision of payroll and payroll accounting. With a few clicks, thousands of pay slips are automatically distributed to your employees. Don't think about data protection any more - we can take care of that for you, with our software!

How does it work?

Our program automatically breaks up large PDF files into individual pay slips, assigns them to people and makes them available for electronic download. The software can also inform your employees by e-mail about the incoming digital pay slips.


Why our Electronic Payslip software suits you?

  • Because there is no longer any need for conventional paper-based shipping.
  • Because this eliminates the expenses for preparation, printing, enveloping and postage.
  • Because independent retrieval of the pay slips is possible at any time and from anywhere.
  • Because data protection must have the highest priority - safety first!

Arrange free & non-binding presentation

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