Coredat Business Solutions GmbH

Our Philosophy

As a provider of service-oriented ERP systems, it is a special concern to us to design all our services as user-friendly as possible. This means that all applications can be accessed and managed via the Internet. Thus, it is possible that you pay for only those services that you really make use of. Learn more about our philosophy.

Our Services

Our experts and specialists with longtime experiences will be available for your inquiries to advise you with product-specific and technical issues. According to our philosophy the services of our help desk can be called by minute. Additionally you have the opportunity that we plan and implement the software according to  your individual requirements. Learn more about our services.

Our Products

All our products were developed with the understanding that no business is alike another. That is why we offer a variety of configuration options to customize fast and easy our products to your needs. However, even after the implementation phase we are constantly working to improve our products and services. As all our products are used exclusively via the Internet, you have no additional effort. More information can be found on the relevant pages to the products.


Our support team can give you general information as well as technical or application related advice. You can send us a mail or simply call us.

Contact Details

Telephone: +43 1 535 009 0 - 350

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday: 830 - 1730
Friday: 830 - 1430