In addition to our software modules, we also provide our customers with services in the areas of Enterprise Web Application Development & Hosting, Project Management & Consulting, and Support & Training. Both the planning of the required modules, the introduction and maintenance of the system and enrollment of your employees on the new modules and aftercare including assistance regarding any problems be carried out by highly qualified staff of Coredat Business Solutions GmbH.

Projectmanagement & Consulting

The success in the implementation of a software solution essentially depends on the implementation. Coredat Business Solutions has the necessary staff in all relevant disciplines and a field-proven process model. In planning, implementation and ongoing operation, we are constantly striving to maintain contact with our customers as to provide an optimal solution for their needs.

We accompany our clients from strategy development, planning and implementation to deployment and maintenance. As an expert in software solutions in the areas of personnel management, travel management, time management, wage withholding and information management we offer  of course, in addition to holistic concepts, expert advice for any questions on these topics.

Enterprise Web Application Development

All our products are designed and implemented in our own development department with our headquarter in Vienna. We rely on modern technologies such as Microsoft SQL 2008, Oracle 11g, ASP.NET 4.0 and Windows Server 2008 back and connect them to contemporary and engaging applications that are accessible only via the Internet. These applications are along with their data on servers, which are located in our IT center in Vienna.

Thus, we could set up know-how in the areas of Enterprise Web Application Development, Server Housing and web hosting for many years, which we can provide to our customers and prospective customers in need.

Support & Training

Coredat Business Solution GmbH offers professional support for all our customers. We look forward to handling any problem and trying to solve this in the shortest possible time. This service is available to our customers both for general information, as well as for technical, professional and user-related questions.

Our staff strives at every stage of a project to take into account the wishes of our customers as much as possible. This usually includes intensive preparation of future users of the changes in everyday work, arising from a deployment or migration phase. Training can be done in our office in Vienna or locally.