Travel & Expenses

Business travel is a major cost factor for any business. The aim of management is clearly to optimize travel planning as well as to reduce costs and optimize and reduce the administrative burden. This tool gives you extensive options starting with the application, planning, booking, as well as stay to the billing of your trip.


A Comprehensive Project

  • Global Travel Planning by corporate policies (e.g. special rates at certain hotel chains, airlines, car rental, …)
  • Availability and approval of the means of travel (company car, company cell phone, laptop, …)
  • Travel request and approval of the travel profile of the employees, travel-related data collection for domestic and international (legally fixed diurnal and overnight package, mileage package,…)
  • Individual document types capture (taking into account the different VAT rates, …)
  • Predefined accounts
  • Method of payment (corporate-credit card, reimbursement of invoices, …)
  • Regulatory and corporate expense records
  • Daily updated conversion rates, expense reporting and evaluations (cost report, monthly report, account report, …)

User Friendliness

Depending on the company requirement, you have the opportunity to make definitions of different categories according to your company’s rules and warning systems with cost overruns. Our tool offers a fast and efficient data capture and you get an overview of the current status of your travel planning at any time. Furthermore, we offer a variety of analysis options such as allocation of cost centers or employee-related reports. The travel expenses pass through a variety of jobs in each company, so that a transparent cost accounting and a quickly pass of this department are of paramount importance.