Time & Attendance

Rapid return on Investment

The automatic and efficient detection and evaluation of time data play an increasingly important role today due to flexible working and operating times and the need for sophisticated calculations. Even small and medium-sized enterprises are more and more dependent on a well functioning time management. Considering the time spent on tedious evaluation of timesheets or timecards, then quickly determine that coredat.time amortized as an electronic time and attendance after a very short time.


coredat.time is one of the most flexible system on the market. Regardless whether the program package should be used for the company or accessed via the Internet to the data center of the Coredat – via a web browser you get availability to all the functions which are necessary for the collection and evaluation ​​of working hours. coredat.time guarantees by its simple and intuitive operation more efficient and less errors.


Time Recording

  • Easy handling
  • Possible stamp function: only one click for login and logout
  • Workflow for approval of the monthly balance
  • Layout adaptation to the companies – CI
  • Integration into enterprise portals

Absence Calendar

Chronological overview of missed days and holidays

  • Holiday
  • Sick leave
  • Business travel
  • etc.

Monthly Analyses

  • Overview of total normal working hours, overtime and sliding
  • Electronic submission to the supervisor for approval
  • More functions

    Online tracking sick leave and overtime Own mask for the detection and reporting of sick leave, in which the overtime per employee can be accurately and clearly analyzed and evaluated
    Project Assignment Working hours can be booked on projects to measure performance
    Attendance overview Exact to the minute overview of all employees who are logged in.
    Staff profiles Deposit of time models per employee, figure of shift schedules
    Reports The default reports can be expanded flexible in collaboration with our team
    Recording Any change / every entry in the program, we automatically logged and can be accurately reconstructed: date, time, type of change, processing, etc.
    Account summary Overview of all employees for an efficient approval workflow, time attendance at a glance, generate numerous reports of staff time data
    Applications Overview of all workflow appoved permission activities of every employee
    Leasing employee Own input mask for temporary workers, reports can be submitted electronically directly to leasing company, reports by various sorting criteria possible