Payroll primarily means to ensure the correct and rapid acquisition with highest possible comfort. Wage types are deposited fix with the employee and are automatically proposed in the settlement. Through the interfaces for time recording this data can be automatically transferred and processed in the payroll. The interaction of the variable components ensures a professional payroll for a large number of service participants per month.


The basic module provides more than 500 pre-defined wage types. This module offers you the opportunity to define new wage types at any time. Furthermore, the wage is characterized by its great flexibility in the system regarding acquisition and deduction types, you can define the obligations concerning any taxes or revert to default values​​.

Multi-Client Capability

Coredat.payroll is multi-client capable and can manage any number of companies within a company group even at different account days.


Payroll is extensive, not only in recording and invoicing but also in the analysis. Coredat.payroll offers a variety of reports starting with an informative and clear billing document through evaluations or interfaces in financial accounting and cost accounting up to the formation of non-wage costs. In addition to the predefined reports, you have the possibility in a report generator to create individual evaluations for forwarding to other programs.

Modular Design

The use of the individual plug-ins – such as the collective agreement, sick leave and execution management or budgeting facilitates the daily work and allows accurate planning of personnel costs.


The protection of the line between your network and our servers is through a 128-bit SSL encryption. Access to your data is protected by a combination of company password, login and personal password.


Enterprise Master Data


  • Client specific wage attributes
  • Deposit of payroll departments and groups
  • Periodic wage types – definition of basic data for automatic calculation of bonuses
  • Allocation of the used collective agreements and CBA grants allowances
  • Budgeting parameters such as period and increase of wage types
  • Relevant accounting attributes including free fields
  •  Acquisition of fixed salaries on a time axis
  • Deposit and allocation to cost centers
  • Entry and exit history of the employee
  • Automatic increase of the fixed salaries through collective agreement module
  • Current plausibility checks during acquisition

Settlement Cockpit

  • Acquisition of fixed salariy types and periodic bonuses including increase of fixed remuneration
  • Settlement of any or all employees with immediate display of the calculation on the screen
  • Recalculation of master data and references
  • Repeated billing per month – net to gross calculation – sick leave management – execution management
  • Division of labor costs to cost centres



Employee Budget


  • Unlimited number of scenarios
  • Easily copy of the employee master data in budget
  • Entry and exit scenarios in virtual employees status
  • Duplicate Budget Versions
  • Budget Actual Comparison
  • Transfer data in real budget version

Regional Medical Insurance Dispatches

  • Registration and deregistration
  • Post proof
  • Annual salary L16 incl BGN
  • Notice pursuant to § 109a Income Tax Act 1988 (E18)
  • change messages
  • Work and remuneration confirmation


  • Payroll Journal
  • Labor costs overview
  • Overview absence (vacation, etc.)
  • Trade union and works council levy list
  • Payroll account for wage types
  • Detailed printouts for payment
  • Net salary certificate for electronic mailbox
  • Customizable reports in csv format