Human Capital Assistant

A Comprehensive Package

Coredat Human Capital Assistant is a modular software solution to support all the processes of modern personnel management. Modern HR management goes far beyond the wage and salary calculation. Diverse tasks require efficient personal information management, extensive calculations and evaluations, target-actual comparisons etc. The programm will not only simplifies the administration of your data, but also helps you in personnel decisions. A built-in reminder function reminds you about recurring events and allows for efficient time management.

Human Capital Assistant

The Human Capital Assistant supports you from the candidate management via employee management, workforce planning, seminar and training through to controlling your budgeting personnel costs. The Human Capital Assistant is a reliable tool in managing your tasks in HR management.

User Friendliness

Due to chronological arrangement of the modules work processes (workflows) are already set with software support. The data is entered in clear and self-explanatory forms. You can adopt appointments, reminder functions and tasks to your preferred format (Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.).

Data Security

The access to the ASP software is effected by the means of a secure data line, whereas the internal affairs of the company will be preserved by appropriate access permissions. These permissions are defined through login and password. Thus, only those areas that are important for the employee or fall into his skills are unlocked. The data itself is backed up regularly in our data center for you to achieve highest data security is ensured.


Job and Organisational Management

Stellen_und_Organisationsmanagement The module job and organizational management supports you in the planning, mapping and administration of your business organization. With this module you can define the various existing and planned locations in your company. You can file the following details:

  • all requirements (technical and personal skills)
  • privileges (such as access or authority to sign)
  • resources
  • budget and salary data (including cost centers)
  • job descriptions (as text and as an attachment)

In a further step, you assign then to the selection of candidates, the new and existing employees to their jobs.
Your business organization can be clearly illustrated in an organigram (both planned and actual positions).

Budget- and Facilitymanagement

Here is the collection and management of all employee-related resources. You can search for internal order of a resource for a specific employee at any time to see if this was already provided or handed out. Both on the part of the purchaser and on the part of the customer can here order, record and maintain this resource. Associated with a detailed report, reminder and e-mail function the ordering process for both sides can be clearly documented here.


Seminar Management

Here you can record and manage relevant seminars for your company and your employees. By creating educational plans for your employees, you can select the suitable seminars. Invite directly from the system appropriate participants to the seminars that you select and manage all data (costs, organizer, location, etc.). Through various evaluations you can get – for your company or for each individual employees – an overview of previously visited or even upcoming seminars and their grades.


The module offers your employees the possibility to register directly for a seminar. The respective manager can then decide on participation or non-participation (approval process). The Human Capital Assistant calculates exactly the current redemption according to the predetermined repayment terms. You also have the option of recording and evaluation of participant satisfaction (feedback).